Have you ever bought a new MP3 player or perhaps a fridge? What is the first thing you do?

I know what I do. I pay a few extra pounds to make sure I am covered for any breakages and damages for the next 5 years. Because we all know even with the best makes and intentions things can go wrong.

Sometime down the line it HAPPENS!! What is the first thing we do? If you are anything like me you run to your files and dig out the warranty, praying that it is still valid – after all 5 years not so long. Give a sigh of relief when you discover that it is still valid with 3 days to. And all is fine and well.

What would happen if you pull out your phone and dial the number and lo and behold all you get is “this number is no longer in use” – the company you bought your MP3/ fridge from in no longer around and there goes your precious warranty and £300 + down the drain.
What if you had invested a £1000 in your fridge/computer/laptop. You won’t be a happy bunny.

This where QANW Insurance Backed guaranteecomes in. The QANW Insurance Backed guarantee is applied whenever you invest in improving your home if the work is completed by a member of QANW, such as ACE Windows. If anything adverse happened to any QANW member company, then you are still fully covered by the Guarantee.