What uPvc Window Style Do I Need?

You have finally made the decision to replace your old rotten widows with the latest upvc double glazing. With so many options where does one even begin! Today unlike 20 years ago the choices are almost endless.

Begin your journey with us and allow us to go through with you some of the latest styles and popular trends available in upvc double glazing. 

Here are the most popular:

Casement windows

The simplest of all window designs. A traditional British option, casement windows continues to be one of the most popular type of replacement window. It is made up of a fixed, glazed frame and a second side hinged frame, with a simple opening mechanism allowing fresh air into your room. The opening casements can be top, bottom or side hung on hinges attached to the window frame.


Quick and easy to manufacture and install, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to add A+ double glazing efficiency to your home.

Looking for something a bit more upscale? How about ….

Sliding Sash Windows

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows also known as Box Sash Windows or ‘Sash and Case’ windows in Scotland, is a modern version of the charming sash window of yesteryear first introduced in the mid-17th century and favoured by many for use in European homes.

Historically, sash windows had timber frames but in recent years uPVC and aluminium sash windows have become available. These can replicate the aesthetic qualities of traditional sash windows while overcoming many previous shortcomings – resulting in windows that are both more energy efficient and require less maintenance and painting.

Sash windows consist of one or more movable ‘sashes’ that open via a sliding mechanism. Just like the sashes they’re designed to replace, sash windows feature two movable casements that can be slid up and down independently to control room temperature with surprising precision. Vertical sliding sash windows are perfectly suited to Georgian and Victorian style homes, with extra flourishes like Georgian bars and decorative horns adding to the sense of period authenticity.

Want to know what the latest innovations in windows are?
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Reversible Windows

Pivoting a full 180 degrees on specially designed brackets, reversible windows introduce an extra degree of flexibility to window design. You can clean the outside of your windows safely and easily from inside your home. With no casement frame or glazing bars to obstruct the view, reversible windows let more light in too. And they can be securely locked in a partially open position to provide safe, secure ventilation for comfort and peace of mind.
UPVC reversible windows are an ideal choice for buildings with windows that are difficult to access for cleaning and maintenance from outside.

Tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows   can be opened inwards in two different ways – by tilting vertically for secure ventilation or by swinging inwards horizontally for a full opening option. Ingenious engineering allows them to be opened fully like a side hinged casement window – ideal for cleaning the outer glass on first floor windows if you’re not comfortable up a ladder – or tilted inwards on a bottom set of hinges for safe, secure night time ventilation.


When opened vertically, tilt and turn-style windows can provide a secure source of ventilation for the living areas in which they are fitted. Multi-point locking systems can help make your home even more secure. When tilt and turn windows are opened horizontally, they not only allow large volumes of air to enter and exit a room, but also offer easy access to the outside of the window for cleaning from within. Learn more here https://www.acewindowsne.co.uk/#doubleglazing

Roof windows

Roof windows include rooflights and skylights and can bring light and fresh air to parts of a home where standard vertical windows cannot be installed.

Fitting a roof window or skylight in an attic can reinvigorate it with natural light and help turn it into a bright, airy bedroom or additional living space.


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