The Most Effective Way To Clean uPVC Windows & Frames

Although uPVC windows require very little to no maintenance, they are prone to dirt and grime, just like any other type of window. Fortunately, a little bit of work can restore the beauty and fresh look of your uPVC window frames.


Here’s a very effective method to clean uPVC windows:

  • Open the window as widely as possible and clean up all the built-up dirt by thoroughly vacuuming the alcoves, the hinge and the opening mechanism. Consider using a soft brush nozzle, in order to protect your uPVC window frames against scratches.
  • Prepare a bucket with warm soapy water (you can use  washing up liquid). With a soft cloth or sponge, wipe down the dirty glass panes.  You must never use cream cleaners or scouring pads, as they can damage your windows by removing their glossy finish. 
  • Use a tea towel or any other type of soft cloth to remove excess water and to dry the pane.

Want the glazing to sparkle?

Try this trick – mix 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of liquid soap. Apply this cleaning solution on your windows using some old newspaper. Move the newspaper is circular patterns to remove all dirt spots, smears and traces on the glass. The fact that typographic ink contains carbon makes newspapers excellent for this cleaning job.

How To Take Care Of uPVC Window Frames

As they age, some uPVC windows frames may lose their shine because of dirt and grime build-up. White frames tend to lose their shine after a few years.

Many people may advise you to go out and start splashing out on the ‘professional’ cleaning solutions to restore the original finish of your windows with the promise of just wipe and it shine again. If only it was that simple. The truth is that if you are even slightly good in the kitchen you can make your own cleaning solution at a fraction of the cost.

    Here’s the best method to clean your uPVC window frames with ease:

    • Mix 4 cups of hot water with 1 cup of vinegar and pour the liquid into a spraying bottle.
    • Spray the mixture on the window frames and let it sit for 10 minutes.
    • Wipe down and remove the excess solution by using a clean, dry and soft cloth.

    If this solution doesn’t work as expected, you can try baby wipes, as they are ideal for handling delicate and difficult cleaning jobs. They will clean almost anything.

    Stay away from abrasive cleaning solutions or cream cleaners, because they will scratch the surface of your uPVC window frames, stripping them off their glossy finish.

    If nothing else can get you rid of the dead insects and dirt and grime build-ups, you can try one of the specialist uPVC cleaning solutions available on the market.

    The following all-purpose cleaning solutions could suit this task:

    – De-Solv-It uPVC cleaner

    – Various uPVC Restorer solutions

    – Vistal Hard Surface Cleaner

    – No-Nonsense uPVC cleaner

    How To Clean Your uPVC Window Sills

    The occasional wipe down with warm soapy water can help you maintain the clean and fresh look of your uPVC windows.

    Here’s how to keep your uPVC window cills looking good:

    • Fill a bucket with warm soapy water and use a soft cloth or a sponge to wipe down the dirty frames.
    • Dry the frame by using a soft, clean and dry cloth.
    • Stay away from scouring pads or abrasive cleaning solutions, as they will strip off the glossy layer on your uPVC window sills.

     All cleaning sprays and liquids should be mild and non-abrasive.

    Things To Avoid When Cleaning uPVC Windows

    • Pushing too hard when cleaning the uPVC
    • Bleaching
    • White spirits
    • Nail polish remover
    • Scouring pads
    • WD40
    • Cleaning creams such as Cif and Jif – even though they are only slightly abrasive, they can deteriorate the surface of the uPVC window frames.

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