Can I Replace the Glass in Double Glazing Windows When It Breaks or Mists Over?

In as much as some salesmen may try to convince you that you need to replace the entire window frame be aware that you could for a much lower cost simply replace the glass unit, saving yourself £100’s if not £1000’s. Besides the advantage of creating more comfortable temperatures in living spaces, double glazing also provides extra protection with high security, while it also helps to reduce intrusive external noise. All these advantages are lost when the glass in the pane breaks or deteriorates, or if there is a defect in the sealing of the air gap causing misting.

Given the nature of double glazed windows they are made as a unit. (A double glazed window is essentially a window that has glazing in the form of two panes of glass separated by an air gap. The glass itself can be standard glass or special energy efficient glass. The two glass panes are separated by spacers, and the combined unit is sealed, while it is common to fill the gap with an inert gas or to create a vacuum.)

The units are fitted into window frames in different ways, and this can depend on the original frame, having this glazing done from inside or outside. To replace the glass in any double-glazing unit, the entire unit will have to be taken out. These units can then just have the glass replaced in them, but it would be necessary to reseal the assembly afterwards and this is often not satisfactory. It is far more advisable to get a new double-glazed unit made of the same size so that it can be fitted back within the window frame.

We highly recommend that any double-glazing replacement or repair should be carried out by the original installers, or another competent professional window installer.

If, however you are Considering doing it yourself keep these points in mind:

• It is essential that proper measurements be taken of the opening in the frame after the original double-glazed unit is removed.

• The existing fixing arrangements must also be reviewed so that when the new glazing is installed, the proper fixtures and fittings are used.

• Care must be taken to ensure that the new glass in the replacement unit be of the same thickness as the original, as any changes can affect the thickness of the unit, and its ability to fit into the window frame with the original arrangements made.

    A properly replaced glass in double glazing should be able to give you the same thermal efficiency as the original installation.

    So as to answer your question it is possible to replace just the actual glass however it not recommended. However, you could always have the actual glazing unit replaced with no need to have to replace the entire frame and at a much lower cost to yourself.

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